Download the Latest Version of Mushy Here

Mushy is a simple PList (and Binary PList) viewer.

Drag and Drop a PList/BPList into Mushy to parse the document.

This software was created as a biproduct of ArtEx. I wanted to ArtEx to be able to get the device name/iOS version directly from the extraction and decided the best way to do this would be to write my own DLL.

The DLL is included in the download and you are welcome to use it in your own projects.

It is still in development however as I'm not sure I've yet covered all different datatypes.

All Versions

Version :
Date : 29th April 2024
Hash : 250401d35cea19db29bd2fbd7e7b3ad0

  • Facelift including new Splash Screen and About/Help
  • New tabbed interface allows opening multiple files concurrently.
  • Searching that actually works now (and is synchronized between the Tree and XML View
  • Hold SHIFT and hover over Protobuf values to see their original bytes
  • Support for ABX Files!

Version :
Date : 17th April 2024
Hash : 874d3143a749b95d1e4f94364688a227

  • Updated SEGB Viewer shows seconds and date filters
  • SEGB version 2 support
  • Bug fixes

Version :
Date : 27th Sept 2022
Hash : 34d1e8e4b6b78e80ae026e23e1fa2b446b623475

  • Updated interface to imitate ArtEx2
  • Bug fixes
  • SEGB Viewer

Version :
Date : 25th Sept 2022
Hash : 56bfda61a1e7c3d8c81f594cce0e858ea540cf0a89df141eae47e9bbe99be3d0

  • Updated interface to imitate ArtEx2
  • Bug fixes
  • SEGB Viewer

Version :
Date : 19th November 2021
Hash : 0b844e25ab77bc75e2dd52177bafcc3b

  • General bug fixes
  • Now parses TSAF files too
  • Added the ability to paste hex from the clipboard and parse - perfect for copying blobs from SQLite or testing chunks of data pulled from HxD.

Version :
Date : 29th September 2021
Hash : 42342c881d3cf5381e3de9b616f1973f

  • Brand new UI
  • Parses Protobuf and BPList

Version :
Date : 18th June 2020
Hash : fd763f21ece3eb66bb51f3fb900696f6
-Correct build number (Prevents the over zealous 'Update Available' message) -Fixed a recursion issue on embedded plist blobs

Version :
Date : 7th June 2020
Hash : c71d0d9336468a67c50058927124d8e4
-A few bug fixes and speed improvements.

Version :
Date : 24th Feb 2020
Hash : b2a7b5aa43bafb6152c89b07de4a2518
-Better handing of Unicode parsing.

Version :
Date : 28th Jan 2020
Hash : 7e37d5c01e5591045112bdaa8accb9e4
-Couple of bug fixes
-Now presents TreeView almost immediately (It's the XML view that takes time to process) -Numbered nodes (This will make more sense on a later release)

Version :
Date : 2019/11/25
Hash : c622d1c3ed9fff172121992258cd61e8

The following updates are included in this build:

  • Minor bug fix when dealing with some Int64 values

Version :
Date : 2019-11-18
Hash : c43d88c01a9bc4a5bf44724c2a5bb0e2

The following updates are included in this build:

  • Minor bug fix that caused a crash in rare circumstances

Version :
Date : 2019-10-27
Hash : 87e6821baf0b37bebb9c35d480bcd403
Initial BETA release.