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Epoch allows you to decode from many different timestamps into human readable form and back again.

Further features include Device and World offset calculators.

Currently supports many different timestamps including:
UNIX (Numeric/Hex/Millisecond)
Mac Absolute (Second and NanoSecond)
Windows 64 and 128 bit
Windows Ticks
OLE (32 and 64 bit)
Kai OS
BlackBerry Email
DOS (Time/Date and Date/Time)
Google Chrome
IE Cookie

with more to come!

All Versions

Version :
Date : 17th Nov 2021
Hash : fb34106a54463b1c2b911efc5fd8b9fd

  • Added Unix Nanosecond
  • Fixed bug on Unix LE timestamps when changing between timezones
  • Altered default Offset Calculator to world.

Version :
Date : 17th Nov 2020
Hash : 079dc61f8774dada3a98e2376c0df69e
Fixed a couple of bugs related to Windows 64bit time Auto-detection and Time Difference calculator.

Version :
Date : 24rd Feb 2020
Hash : d602a87644b87c3879bff678b3a9cdf8
Repaired another couple of glitches and added Google EI Time decoding. Non-Installer

Version :
Date : 23rd Feb 2020
Hash : 7d584f0b5754564e0dd349bd2d2d03b7
Bug fix for Windows 64bit (Little Endian) Timestamp

Version :
Date : 23rd Feb 2020
Hash : 965b5859b4d161578c5f05819919fea6

  • New TimeStamps (Total of 30)
  • New Date Seek Feature (Experimental) allows you to specifiy a file and date range and Epoch will search byte by byte for a match. Can be slow. You have been warned.
  • General Bug Fixes

Version :
Date : 27th Jan 2020
Hash : e34771248593929d3c06f4767bebd90b
Initial Release