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An iOS Forensics tool for Verification, Research or Analysis from DoubleBlak.

A true passion project, ArtEx started life when I was an examiner and wanted to do my own research or present data in a different way.

Over the years, I've continued to add new features and functionalites, as well as adding support for a few apps.

It is totally seperate to my daytime job, but something I still maintain and enjoy working on.

Keeping reading to find out more, or watch some videos to see how ArtEx could benefit you.

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Application Features


Everything in ArtEx is organized in a timeline to allow you to fully visualize how artifacts interact with each other.

Easily see how the device backlight illuminates, gets unlocked, Messages app takes focus and a message is sent, amongst many other things.

Parsers include knowledgeC, Biome, SMS, Calls, Contacts, Locations, Media, and more.


Click here for more information about Timeline


Locations can be an amazing artefact to have, assuming you have all the information to hand.

ArtEx supports all the main iOS location sources and visualizes every location marker on a map, along with the ever-important accuracy information.

Features include Type and Accuracy Filtering, Course information and Custom Markers to name a few.

ArtEx's Flipbook feature lets you easily create a HTML or MP4 video of the location data for easier viewing.

ArtEx also features locations in the Timeline tool for creating small maps for each record.

Click here for more information about Locations

Media Gallery

Any media items found in the timeline view can also be viewed in a media gallery view.

Features include Grouping, Filtering by type and by iOS native classification such as scene or person descriptors.


Click here for more information about the Media Gallery

Directory Browser

The file system can be navigated in a familar fashion, but with a few additional useful features built in.

Navigate, Search and Filter for specific files/ Utilize FlatView to view all files while ignoring folder heirachy and view Thumbnails.

When using Live Connection, refresh specific folders or setup timed extraction of files to dump selected files at controlled intervals and see how things change over time.

Click here for more information about Directory Browser

SQLite, Serialised Data and Hex Viewer

ArtEx comes with built-in support for SQLite databases, Binary PLists, Protobuf and SEGB files.

Write your own SQL Queries, Run Advanced Recovery, Decrypt encrypted databases and view each page of a DB or WAL file in DB Explorer.


Click here for more information about Viewers


iOS Keychain can be ingested from GK and Cellebrite extractions and viewed in the Keychain tab.

View the contents of the keychain or use it for decrypting specific apps and databases.

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Plus much more...