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Ian Whiffin
Posted: 23rd October 2019

Hi, and welcome to my new web space.

As I put on the main page, I’m a currently serving digital forensicator with around 6 years under my belt but with over 20 years in IT in general, and 15 years in Law Enforcement. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a website for a while but have only just gotten around to it (obviously).

Over the last few years, I (like most digital forensic examiners) have come up against no end of problems; the sheer variety of devices, operating systems, security mechanisms, applications and settings (not to mention the various states of repair of these devices) which all mean that the tools you need either don’t exist or are just too expensive. In those times, I’ve turned to programming to try to make my life easier. As a result, I have a back catalogue of apps that I have written that I wanted to share with the forensic community in the hope that they may be useful to someone else. I have previously shared some of these apps under my old domain, rnd11.com but there hasn’t been an actual website hosted there for years now and so it’s ended up being blacklisted by several firewalls; hence the decision to start a new, fully functional site.

I currently have apps that are in a fully finished state (minus any bug fixes or updates), apps that are complete but just need some tweaking for the new domain, apps that are half complete state that I hope to complete soon, and apps that I stopped developing as soon as it did the basics of what I needed. I may get around to working more on these apps in the future, but bear in mind that I am not a full-time developer and all my projects are done from the corner of my desk on an ‘as needed’ basis.

I will start to post apps shortly and intend on usually posting blog articles at the same time to explain some of the background as to why I wrote the app and how it works etc. For example, the first app I will be making available makes use of iOS’s KnowledgeC.db. The accompanying blog post will describe the data housed in this database and the results of some of the testing I have conducted.

Obviously, creating software/blog articles as and when I can is a time consuming process. I have no idea of how frequent this will end up being, but I will also be posting links to others articles and aim to have a collaboration area (GroupThink) for members of the community to come together to solve their own problems. Hopefully, there will always be something new for you to come see.

Finally, I don’t confess to know it all. Far from it. I do my best, but if you notice any mistakes in any of my posts, please email me to let me know. I will endeavor to correct is ASAP and credit you with the corrected information.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, you can email me at hello@doubleblak.com with any questions, comments, suggestions or just to say Hi.


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