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This tool is designed to take the 'chatConversationStore.plist' file from SnapChat on iPhone and parse out the conversations into a usable format.

Simply drag and drop the 'chatConversationStore.plist' file into Spoopy and it will parse the data into a treeview. It will then attempt to use it's known schemas to place that data into a tableview (giving you the opportunity to intervene if the schema is not recognized).

Once the data is in the table, select/deselect, search and date filter the results as well as utilizing Google Translate to automatically translate the message content.

Finally, create a HTML report from your selections which actually looks like a SnapChat conversation.

Note that media decryption is not even attempted at this time.

This software is still in development and more features may be added soon.

Check out the blog post related to the software for information on how the file is parsed.

All Versions

Version :
Date : 27th Jan 2020
Hash : f34c3c5bf5d1c4d1c9fbf7e7397f24a8

  • Couple of bug fixes added
  • Correction of timestamp identification
  • Better handing of attached files

Decrypted media is still on my radar; as is building Spoopy into ArtEx. The versioning of the ChatConversationStore.plist files is what is delaying it. Besides, there's plenty of other data to work on for now anyway.

Version :
Date : 2019-10-27
Hash : e40beaf60d82c7c42b698035b85d3503
Initial BETA release.