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ArtEx is a free tool for iOS Forensics Verification, Validation, Reporting and Research. It can ingest some of the most common extraction types and also allows for live connection to jailbroken devices via SSH.

A full guide on ArtEx2 features can be found here

Internet Connected users can automatically update available parsers upon launching the software. But air-gapped users are required to download the parsers and install them manually. This can be done by either downloading the individual parsers or downloading a package..



Apps v1.3.0
Apps Parser
XLSConvert v1.3.0
Convert certain XLS Spreadsheets to Databases for parsing in ArtEx.
DeviceDetails v1.3.4
The device details such as Model, IMEI, Accounts etc.
Contacts v1.3.0
iOS Native Contacts.
DeviceImages v1.3.1
Example images of devices.
Locations v1.3.11
Consolidated Locations history from multiple sources.
BPListParser v1.3.3
Native BPList Parser
ProtobufParser v1.3.4
Native Protobuf Parser
TSAFParser v1.3.0
Native TSAF Parser
AirplaneMode v1.3.0
Airplane Mode On/Off obtained from KnowledgeC.
Alarm v1.3.0
Alarm usage obtained from KnowledgeC.
AppInFocus v1.3.0
Which app is on screen obtained from KnowledgeC.
AppIntents v1.3.0
App Intents obtained from KnowledgeC. Intents are how the sandboxed applications share information between each other.
AppUsage v1.3.0
App usage obtained from KnowledgeC.
AudioRoute v1.3.0
The Audio Route shows what was playing audio; Speaker, Earphones or Bluetooth. Obtained from KnowledgeC.
Backlight v1.3.0
Backlight On/Off obtained from KnowledgeC.
BluetoothConnections v1.3.0
Bluetooth connection history obtained from KnowledgeC.
DeviceLocked v1.3.1
Device Lock State obtained from KnowledgeC.
DoNotDisturb v1.3.0
Do Not Disturb usage obtained from KnowledgeC.
KeybagLocked v1.3.0
Keybag Lock State obtained from KnowledgeC.
MediaPlaying v1.3.0
Information about the playing media obtained from KnowledgeC.
Notifications v1.3.0
Notifications received by the device obtained from KnowledgeC.
Orientation v1.3.0
Orientation of the on-screen application obtained from KnowledgeC.
BatteryTemperature v1.3.0
Temperature History of Battery obtained from KnowledgeC.
SIRI v1.3.0
Siri usage obtained from KnowledgeC.
AirDrop v1.3.1
Details of outbound AirDrop activity from KnowledgeC and PowerLogs
ApplePay v1.3.0
Apple Pay transactions.
Battery v1.3.0
Battery charge level obtained from KnowledgeC or PowerLogs
CameraUse v1.3.0
Camera activity obtained from PowerLog.
CarPlay v1.3.0
CarPlay activity.
CellTowerConnections v1.3.0
Cell Tower First and Last Connections.
DataUsage v1.3.0
Bytes in/out via Cellular network.
InstalledApps v1.3.0
All Installed Applications.
LastModifiedFile v1.3.0
All files with a modification date within given date range.
OSUpdate v1.3.0
iOS Update History.
PasscodeChange v1.3.0
Change of user passcode.
PluggedIn v1.3.3
Plugged In state of the device (Power or Data). Also includes wireless charging obtained from KnowledgeC or CurrentPowerLog.
PowerEvents v1.3.2
Power On, Power Off, Request Power Off.
TimeChanges v1.3.0
Changes to the timezone.
WiFi v1.3.0
WiFi Connections obtained from KnowledgeC.
WipeEvents v1.3.0
Wipe Event
WirelessNetworks v1.3.1
List of Joined WiFi Networks
Buttons v1.3.1
If (And sometimes which) buttons were pressed.
FindMy v1.3.1
Parse the last known location of associated devices such as AirTags and Airpods etc.
VisibleNetworks v1.3.1
***VALIDATION REQUIRED*** This appears to be networks that are actually seen by the device at the time, cross-references with cache_encryptedB to find the location of the networks.
TeslaLocation v1.3.0
Locations reports on the Tesla app.
ApplePayLocation v1.3.0
Locations where Apple Pay transactions occured.
CachedLocations v1.3.4
Locations from the ZRTCLLOCATION table.
Consolidated v1.3.0
GeoFences information from consolidated.
DeviceAnalytics v1.3.1
EncryptedBWIFI v1.3.1
WiFi network locations - Harvested.
EXIFLocations v1.3.0
Locations obtained from within the EXIF data of images in the photo gallery.
FrequentLocations v1.3.1
Frequent Locations Entry/Exit.
GraphServiceLocations v1.3.0
Image Analytics Locations tracked by iOS.
LocationArchive v1.3.0
VehicleLocations v1.3.2
Vehicle Park locations
ZenlyLocation v1.3.0
Zenly application locations
PredictionContext v1.3.3
Location History from PredictionContext.
MapsSync v1.3.1
MapsSync pulls the Planned Routes from Apple Maps.
CallHistory v1.3.5
Call History (Cellular, Facetime, Facetime Audio)
Discord v1.3.0
Discord Messages.
Email v1.3.0
Emails obtained from native email client.
MessageIntents v1.3.2
Messages passed via Intents - may contains data lost from the SMS database.
SMS v1.3.5
SMS History
SnapChat v1.3.0
SnapChat (chatConversationStore.plist)
SnapChat v3.0.1
SnapChat (Arroyo.db)
VoiceMail v1.3.0
Voicemail (and Visual Voicemail if supported)
Instagram v1.3.0
Instagram Messages
Recents v1.3.0
A list of recent contacts.
Chrome v1.3.0
Google Chrome History.
Edge v1.3.0
Edge Internet History.
Firefox v1.3.0
Firefox Internet History.
Safari v1.3.0
Safari Internet History.
WebUsage v1.3.0
Web Usage obtained from KnowledgeC.
Photos v1.3.6
List of Photos found in the photos.sqlite database.
Videos v1.3.3
List of Live Videos found in the photos.sqlite database.
LivePhotos v1.3.4
List of Live Photos found in the photos.sqlite database.
SnapChatMemory v1.3.3
Decrypt Snapchat memories *Requires Keychain*
HealthActivity v3.0.2
iOS Health Data including Steps, Distance, Heart Rate plus many more.
Notes v1.3.1
iOS Notes
GoogleTranslate v1.3.0
Google Translate history
Torch v1.3.1
Flashlight Usage
Shortcuts v1.3.0
iOS Shortcuts allow users to chain actions together - One button press can send a message, start recording and send location etc...