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Ian Whiffin

DoubleBlak Digital Forensics is a Digital Forensics web site aimed at helping forensic examiners.

I am Ian Whiffin, an ex-Law Enforcement Officer / Digital Forensics Examiner with a mid-sized municipal police agency.

I currently work for one of the world leaders in Digital Forensics and Digital Intelligence Analysis.

Note that this website is my own side-project and was started while still a serving police examiner. All opinions and tools are my own not related to my full time role.

I have over twenty years experience in IT, 17 years in Policing (split between the UK and Canada) and over 7 years in Digital Forensics. I have been qualified as a Subject Matter Expert in court numerous times in the field of Digital Forensics and have a wealth of experience in the examination of computers, cell phones and other digital devices using not only a range of vendor tools but with software tools I write to fill the gaps left by vendors. Some of these tools are available for free in the Software section of this site (Requires authentication).

I am trained with numerous forensic software tools related to mobile devices and computers and in JTAG, ChipOff, ISP, Visual NAND Reconstructor and enjoy tinkering with Hardware Reverse Engineering. I have been writing my own software for many years using numerous different languages including C#, VB, Obj-C, ASP, PHP, Python and Javascript.

ArtEx 2

ArtEx 2.0 Download [Beta 2]

Blog Posts
Ian Whiffin - 24th November 2021
Using ArtEx for Live Connection Research

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The case of the Phantom Device Usage
Ian Whiffin - 12th November 2021
Unmasking the phantom device user...

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Message Reactions
Ian Whiffin - 2nd November 2021
An interesting little tidbit about Message Reactions and how it may come in handy.??

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iOS Media Adjustments
Ian Whiffin - 26th October 2021
iOS now allows users to "Adjust" the time and location of recorded media. What affect will that have on forensic examinations?

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